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About Supa Nails

Susanne Paschke, a freelance Illustrator and Designer based in Berlin, is the mind behind Supa Nails.

In 2010, Susanne, was looking for a creative alternative to her job. And, she found it in designing and hand-painting her own elaborate custom nail art.

As a self taught artist with a definitive style, Susanne finds her inspiration in street art, urban culture and music, and creates colorful and catchy nail designs that are appreciated all over the world.

Supa Nails have become known for their smart color combinations and detail and intricate patterns. Susanne loves to use bright colors, geometric patterns, animals, Pop culture characters and smooth gradients in her designs.

What began as a hobby quickly became successful after a significant online following. In 2012, Supa Nails opened an online shop, and was immediately featured in DaWanda’s Summer LoveBook 2012, as well as fashion and lifestyle blogs High Snobette and Blü Magazine.

The white on baby blue Adidas Supa Nails, inspired by Adidas sneakers, have received more then 83.500 likes and over 12,000 shares on the Adidas Originals FaceBook page.

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